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The First 50
Hammr Evangelists

The Next Generation of Construction Demands Real Community, Real Connections, Real Initiatives and Real Tools That Empower The Industry To Build An Unstoppable Workforce.

Who's Here, Vision, What You Get.
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What is the First 50?
The First 50 is a group of Hammr evangelists that have displayed unwavering passion for the industry. You're here because you demand a new culture of construction for the next generation. You chose to take initiative and stand up for what you believe in. A Future in Construction.
A few faces of the 50

We've chosen the individuals below because of their commitment to the industry. Every single 50 is a leader, a believer in the elevation of our industry and a core evangelist of our initiative, Hammr. Our commitment to you is a commitment to us.

Tyler Robbins, 26
PM, Bengel Custom Homes
Edmonton, ALberta
Matt Panella, 23
Framer, Youtuber
Arroyo grande, ca
Manny Balderrama, 30
San Diego, ca
Jared McCune, 20
penn college
mountain top, pa
Alex Mares, 28
Dallas, tx
Jason Pietruszka, 30
owner, jjp Construction
Los angeles, ca
Chase Forry, 25
pulte group
austin, tx
Matt Troyer, 37
CEO, emergent
Scottsdale, AZ
Justin Binkley, 21
Project Engineer, Skanska
Seattle, wa
Chase Barbre, 21
intern, PCL Construction
Seattle, wa
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The vision

Why are we doing this? Hammr exists for one core reason. To empower the people who build our world. 41% of our industry will be retiring over the next 10 years. It's mandatory that we build the next generation workforce.

Our vision is to provide a platform for people like you to connect with likeminded people, share knowledge, and find the necessary resources to build a successful career.

Network - our first stop is building a community of professionals to connect with others, showcase work, add skills and build a personal reputation online.

Marketplace - as we keep building the community, our next stop is to introduce recruitment tools for construction companies to help you hire skilled trades or find a new opportunity.

Up Skilling - as we evolve we want to integrate Trade Schools and Training Programs. With new materials, new technology and a generational workforce shift underway, it's mandatory that our workforce is always prepared for the future.

First 50 - being one of our core evangelists, we work for you. To evolve Hammr into a fundamental tool that serves our industry and the next generation, we will work with you to gain feedback, insights and treat you like family through the lifetime of our existence.


Here's Our Ask...

In order to build a strong network, we need to build a community of content creators, influencers and next generation professionals....

What You Get:
* Recommend you as a Top Account to follow on Hammr.
* Highlight you within Hammr and on our social media accounts to elevate your brand.
* Be part of the team that helps shape our future generations.

Our Ask: Be a Creator.

* Put Hammr's App on your Home Screen
* Complete your entire Profile
* Post 5 times per week within Hammr. * Document your projects from start to finish. We'll help organize your project photos later.
* Help Evangelize Hammr.

We're in it for the long haul. And we need your help. Our goal is to help make the First 50 a fundamental component in shaping the next generation.

Our Mission

To build up the next generation of construction by empowering the people who build our world.

Three years ago, our story started off with one belief. That we will help shape the future of construction.

Brek Goin
founder of Hammr
Grew up on his father's sites

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Tom Powell
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A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult. 

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