Hammr Time

Time tracking built for Construction

Ridiculously simple time tracking so you can save time, money, and focus on building your business

Customer Reviews

Forward thinking contractors love using Hammr Time

"Love how simple the mobile app is. Been using it everyday. My guys find it motivating to see their time and pay."

Milo Riegle, Owner
(10 Employees)
Switched from paper timesheets

“Awesome customer support. I love the team. They check in. And they always pick up when I have feedback.“

Josh Bailey, Owner
(24 Employees)
Tried Multiple Apps

“Getting setup was easy. The team checked in with me every day and made sure things were running smooth."

Brad Halverson
Owner (7 Employees)
Switched from Quickbooks Time
Mobile app

Tracking your worker's hours just got easier

Build better sites faster
Prebuilt pages and components
We come from construction. And that's who we built this for.
Simple mobile app
Automated reminders
Supports English and Spanish
Works offline in bad service areas
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accurate & Reliable

Take control of your time and money

Create geofences to help employees clock in on the right project
Set reminders to avoid early clock-ins and late clock-outs
Foremen can easily track and manage crew's hours in real-time
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Save time and money on payroll

Build better sites faster
Prebuilt pages and components
Accurate timesheets eliminates guesswork and arguments
Only pay for hours spent on the job working
Calculate hours and wages for accurate payroll, including breaks and overtime
Easily export timesheets to your payroll software
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Detailed reports

Get accurate job costing reports

Detailed job cost reports at your fingertips
Track your costs by hours, jobs and cost codes
Easily export for payroll, accounting, workers comp and more
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Who uses Hammr time?

Everyone's job gets easier

Build better sites faster
Prebuilt pages and components
Built with both field and office in mind
Owners get real-time visibility and confidence in every project
Office admin spend less time hunting down time cards from field
Foremen spend more time keeping crews busy and less time remembering who, where, and what time
Fieldworkers spend more time working and less time remembering hours
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Hammr Time

Time tracking your crews will actually use.

Simple for the field.
Powerful for the office.
Confidence in your tracking

Give us 15 mins to give you the run down

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Built for construction
Loved by the field and office
Ready to get started?
Simple for the field
Powerful for the office
Confidence in growing your business