A note from our founder, Brek.

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You're here because you care about the future of the industry...

What if we do all this work and we don't succeed?

Here's the real question. What if we do all this work and we DO succeed?

The equation is simple.

Do the work. And the work will take care of you.

Let's be honest with ourselves right now...

How many more headlines of "labor shortage" or "skills gap" does it take to start making shit happen?

Our industry will be so much further ahead if we build a better future.

I assume you want to be part of the solution since you're reading this.

If you're in, you want to represent us, and you're committed to building and elevating our industry then let's get to work.

The future of construction is in our hands.

We can sit back and wonder "what if" or we can boot up, get to work, and make one hell of an impact. It's entirely our choice.

You have the opportunity to join some badass people driving this industry forward.

Every member of Hammr is here because they wake up with that fire in their stomach to make shit happen.

We're creeping up on an industry breakthrough.

We have momentum in the industry and now is the time to hop on the train and bust through some walls.

Have you ever seen a Locomotive train? That thing stops for nothing.

So let's hop on that bad boy and send it home.

The next generation is not only about age, it's a new way of thinking.

It's a mindset.

I wake up every single day with a relentless commitment to do everything I physically can to build Hammr and to stand tall for the next generation workforce.

I wake up frustrated by the stigma, yet I remain driven to break through every wall that is in front of us.

I wake up for people like you who give a damn.

It doesn't matter how hard it will be to build the workforce of the future. The task is still the same.

41% of our entire industry will retire over the next ten years...

We have no choice but to build up the workforce in a modern way.

Hammr is so much more than just another app on the app store.

When you think of what we're doing, think of Hammr as a movement.

It's about building the future of construction.

Looking forward, the only construction professionals and businesses that will be standing in the next ten years will be the one's who looked towards solutions.

As an industry, we have no choice but to adapt.

So let's get to work.

Super proud to have you part of our movement.

Founder & CEO of Hammr

"We empower the badass people who build our world."