How contractors track, pay, and manage their people.

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"We're saving over 500 hours of admin work per year because of Hammr."

Keith Jr. | CEO, K&L

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Loved by Owners, Admins, Crews, and Field Workers
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Purpose-Built for Contractors
Construction Payroll
Multi-Rates, Prevailing Wage, & Union
Easily manage multiple pay rates,
prevailing wages, and union rates.
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Simple & Powerful
Simple time-tracking app. Powerful for the office and easy for the field.
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Fast Drag-&-Drop
Manage crews and schedules. Easily assign the right workers to the right projects.
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Organized & Stored
Communicate with team members and crews - organized in one place.
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Attract & Retain
Offer and streamline benefits through Hammr's platform.
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Onboard & Pay
Onboard, track, and pay new team members with ease.
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Loved by Owners, Admins, Crews & Field Workers

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We recommend Hammr. We're now saving over $52,000 this year just on payroll and avoiding more than 500 hours per year on tedious office admin work.

* Avoided 500 hours of admin work
* Saved over $52,000 on payroll

Keith Jr.

Before Hammr, we were already using a system. I felt like our system was an old Ford Model T after Hammr showed me a Lamborghini. It's powerful and simple enough for the guys.

I’ve become a big fan of them and how well they treat us. Proud to say we'll be a lifelong customer.

Landon M.

Hammr has been amazing.

Keeping track of our guys’ hours and running payroll through their platform has saved me a lot of time.

Whenever I have questions, I’m never on hold and they get back to me right away, which has been refreshing.

Lorena C.
CFO & Admin, V&B

Never thought our crews were tech savvy enough to adopt something like Hammr. And I was wrong. Their app has been easy to adopt and our guys use it every day.

We've been impressed with their support. Hammr played a big part in migrating us away from our payroll provider. We couldn't be more happy.

Brandon S.
Owner, Rancho
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We Don't Leave You Hanging

Our Customer Success team acts as an extension of your Payroll, Admin, or Ops team. We'll help your office & field become pros.  

Connect with a Hammr expert via phone call, email, or text
A dedicated account manager that knows your business
Onboarding, migration, and training made easy
24/7 support beyond software

"I've become a big fan of Hammr.
They're a ring away whenever I need them."

Landon M. | Operations, Southern Sun

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