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Loved by Owners, Admins, Crews & Field Workers
"Simple To Use"
"Amazing Support"
"Listens to Feedback"
"Highly Recommend"
"Avoiding 500 hours"
"Foreman loves it"
"Easy to adopt"
"Hammr is dialed in"

"We recommend Hammr. We're now saving over $52,000 this year just on payroll and have avoided more than 500 hours per year on tedious office admin work."

Kieth Jr
CEO, K&L Industries

"Highly recommend.

Before Hammr, we were already using a system for our field. But unfortunately we had some bad experiences with ExakTime and our outsourced payroll company wasn't that great so I decided to take a look at Hammr.

My first impression — I felt like our system was an old Ford Model T and Hammr showed me a Lamborghini. We've brought everything under one roof and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve become a big fan of Hammr’s team, how well they treat us, and how fast they keep making the product better and better. Proud to say we’ll be a lifelong customer.

If you’re looking a powerful system that’s easy to use, always improving, and can grow with you, check them out."

Operations, Southern Sun

"Hammr has been amazing.

The first time I ran payroll with Hammr, I went to bed worried that I did our payroll wrong because it was so easy to do.

Keeping track of our guys’ hours and running payroll through their platform has saved me a lot of time.

Whenever I have questions, I’m never on hold and they get back to me right away, which has been refreshing after switching from ADP and Paychex."

CFO, V&B Grading

"Never thought our crews were tech savvy enough to adopt something like Hammr. And I was wrong.

Their app has been easy to adopt and our guys use it every day.

We've been impressed with their support.

Hammr played a big part in migrating us away from our payroll provider and we couldn't be more happy."

Owner, Rancho Builders

"Ben speaks highly of Hammr. One of the things he has enjoyed is the communication with you guys and how you guys are open to feedback and working together on figuring out how to implement different things."


"Our foreman absolutely loves Hammr.

We used to have everything in spreadsheets, forms, and now all his guys are on his phone.

Hammr's support has been phenomenal.

Whenever I text or call, they answer immediately and help us with whatever we need.

I don't think I've ever worked with a company that shows this level of support."

Project Manager, Next Gen

"We chose Hammr because of the simplicity.

Hammr is dialed in and fits our needs."

Vice President, MCK