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Welcome To The Bred To Build Construction Podcast

Bred To Build means you wake itching to build something.

Whether you're a bags-on contractor, employee, business owner, or industry leader, you'll find that our podcast shares real industry insights that can help you learn the ropes, avoid mistakes, and gain new knowledge that can help you navigate your career in construction.

Become better. Build better.

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Hosted by Brek Goin & MattBangsWood

Meet The Hosts

Our mission is to create a podcast that can empower next generation trades with the best information, knowledge, and real stories to build better careers.

Brek Goin

CEO of Hammr and Co-Host of the Bred to Build Construction Podcast.

Born and raised in a construction family, Brek is on a mission to improve the lives of workers by helping build a better world for the next generation of trades.

Over the last few years, he has amassed a following of nearly 500k on social media and is primarily interested in the intersection of technology and impacting the future workforce.

In his free time, he enjoys exercising, basketball, reading books, snowboarding, and chasing the adrenaline rushes of life and entrepreneurship.

Matt Panella

(AKA MattBangsWood)

Framer, YouTuber and Co-Host of the Bred To Build Construction Podcast.

Matt was raised in the Construction Industry. He has amassed a following over 350k on social media.

Matt is on a mission to influence the youth by documenting new construction, problems along the way, and techniques on how to build better.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, creating content, building cars and dabbling in Crypto and NFTs.


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Reviews from our listeners

Awesome construction podcast that covers a huge variety of topics on the trades.

I look forward to listening to these on my drive home. It’s awesome to hear a construction podcast and even cooler to hear one focused on making the trades an appealing option for the next generation! It’s also great to see a discussion not only about a variety of trades but also covering the aspects outside of the job itself.
By Evers0le
Podcast listener
Great Content and Hosts.

The BEST Construction Podcast! I have been in the trades for 20 years and also teaching the trades to the next generation for the last 8 of those years. I use this in my class as well as enjoying listening. Great Content and spot on info!
By Fattaboy53
Podcast listener
Much needed podcast.

This is a great podcast with great topics. Been in the trades for 23+ years and wish this was out along time ago.

There are a lot of people that can benefit from this, whether you are in trade, want to be, or even schools that need to help support trades!
By firemangeorge
Podcast listener
Great Podcast for the trades!

Awesome hosts sharing awareness about the trades and changing the view people have on them by providing the journey of different tradesmen. 👏🏽 Tune in!
By _ksparky
Podcast listener
Great blue collar podcast.

Brek and Matt are doing a great job. This is great to listen to and learn from whether you’ve been on the job for 20+ years or you’re just thinking of picking up a hammer.
By jamo 70
Podcast listener
Enjoying my drive home.

Man I really like this podcast, gives me hope that I can do better in my trade and there people that wanna help and just enjoy talking about Construction thank you Brek and Matt you’d guys rock.

Really stoked to be apart of the Hammr crew and the generation that will keep construction going.
By A-aron2018
Podcast listener