Construction Time-Tracking

Take the heavy lifting out of time-tracking

Your team doesn't need to be tech-savvy experts to track hours. Simple for the field & powerful for the office.

Mobile app purpose-built for fieldworkers
Effortlessly prevent time theft
Control labor costs
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Loved by Owners, Admins, Crews, and Field Workers

Hammr Time

Effortlessly track hours, control labor costs, and run payroll.
Simple App

Track hours, breaks and OT from any device.


Require employees to be in a project radius to clock in.


Timely notification to remind your employees.


Supervisors can track individuals or entire crews.

Project Photos

Log & organize progress photos and issues.


Upload any document from mobile & web.

Offline Mode

Jobsite with bad service? We got that covered.


The app automatically translates. No extra work.

Simple app without the clunk

Your workers won't have to be software specialists to use Hammr. Easier time-tracking means easier payroll.

Simple interface for field employees
Reminders for busy workers
Syncs with payroll

Require workers to be onsite

Tired of employees recording hours before they're on the jobsite? We got you covered.

Set and adjust a custom geofence radius on any project
Employees must be within the radius to clock in
Outside the radius? Employee is alerted

Real-time reminders

Worried your employees won't remember to clock in/out? We got you covered. We help them take the thinking out of tracking hours.  

Location Reminders: workers get notified when they arrive/leave a jobsite
Time Reminders: workers get notified when they need to clock in/out based on a work day's start/end time
Real-time reminders at the right time and at the right job

Equip supervisors

Track individuals, entire crews, and get a crew status at a glance.

Clock in/out individuals or entire crews
Switch projects and cost codes
Add manual timesheets

Organize project photos

Track progress and protect yourself from liability. Every photo organized by project.  

Each photo is stamped with the project, time, employee, and notes
Photos can be uploaded and downloaded on mobile & web
Share progress, plans, receipts and more

Documents on hand

Upload & organize all your documents by project. Accessible to the field and office.  

Share plans, safety docs, permits, daily logs & more
Upload any document from mobile & web
Organized by project

Tackle bad service areas

Worried bad service areas will throw you a curve ball? Many apps fail here. But we've got you covered and you'll never lose data.

Any hours logged will sync and store when a device is back online
The app automatically switches to offline/online mode
No extra work

Overcome language barriers

Worried language barriers could case issues for your employees? Not a problem.

App automatically translates to a device's language
No extra work or wrestling with settings
Faster adoption in the field

Frequently Asked Questions

How tech-savvy do our guys need to be?

You don't need to be an expert to get up and running with Hammr's time tracking app. Most customers choose Hammr because of how simple we've designed our platform for field employees to use.

Hammr was founded by the son of a drywall contractor. Easy for the field is our biggest priority.  

Does Hammr support Spanish translation?

Absolutely 🇲🇽.  Hammr will automatically translate to Spanish if the employee's device is already in Spanish. There's no extra work or needing to wrestle with settings.

Can supervisors clock in/out for their crews?

Yep. Admins, supervisors, foremen, or crew leads can clock employees in/out, switch employees to new jobs/cost codes, and take breaks.

We support both workflows: Employees tracking their own hours and supervisors tracking their crew's hours.

Will the app work in bad service areas?

Yes. We support Offline Mode. The app automatically switches to offline/online mode and will automatically sync any hours, photos etc. when the device is back online.

Is Hammr available on all devices?

Sure is. Hammr is available on Apple and Android phones and tablets. The platform can also be accessed on web.

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